Who Are Multijet Hardening Ltd?

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David Bramhill

Managing Director, Owner

Multijet Hardening Ltd was established in 1977 by my father Conrad Bramhill.  Most noteworthy, his father, Eric Bramhill, worked with Mr Albert Shorter who was the pioneer of Flame Hardening, known at the time as ‘the shorter process’.

The company ‘Flame Hardeners’ was established in 1945 and first of all my father worked there from school. Finally, in 1977, Conrad decided to leave and setup Multijet, and since then Multijet has certainly made quite a name for itself.  We have gained exposure to almost every field of engineering, Motor Car Production, Food Industry, Oil, Gas, Mining and more.

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Conrad Bramhill


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Michelle Bramhill

Finance Manager
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Glynn Watson

Senior Engineer

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